The British Invasion – Afterparty!

Well, my first blog party has been a ton of fun! I blogged about my adventures at Butlins, gave away great prizes, and even shared recipes. But although the party is winding down, you still have a chance to win – check out these British Invasion giveaways that are still running:

I’m also pleased to announce the winning blogger in my souvenir prize package giveaway!
The winner is comment number 6, Valerie from Sweeps4Bloggers, who wrote a post about The British Invasion here
Congratulations Valerie, I hope you enjoy your prize! I had a lot of fun picking out souvenirs during my travels.

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Butlins Trip, Day Five: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Today is the last part in my series reviewing Butlins resorts!

On Friday morning, it was time to say goodbye to Butlins. We headed to the Yacht Club for one last meal before catching our train.

I’ll miss you, delicious fry-ups!

After breakfast, we headed back to our room to grab our bags, and made our way out. Guest services called a taxi for us, and we waited at the front gate for them to arrive. This was the first time it had rained during the entire stay, and as we huddled in the rain, two Red Coats ran over and held an umbrella over us! They were very nice, and chatted with us as we waited for the cab. “Do a lot of Americans know about Butlins?” One of them asked. No, but maybe now they will!

Our cab arrived, and we waved goodbye to the friendly Red Coats and bid farewell to Butlins.

Jai and I both had a fantastic time at Butlins, and we’re really happy that we had a chance to go. It’s a very fun place, and I think most families would have a ball there. There are so many fun activities, rides, games and shows for kids, and there’s no waiting around in huge lines for anything. I would love to go again someday!

Butlins Trip, Day Four: Waterpark Fun

Today is part four in my series reviewing Butlins resorts!

Wednesday morning came, and it was time for another delicious breakfast:

Inside the Yacht Club

We forgot to take the photo until halfway through the first course. After this we had seconds, and I enjoyed another big fry-up. I was stuffed afterwards, but I still had a piece of fried bread on my plate and I didn’t want to waste it; so we wrapped it in a napkin and fed it to a seagull outside, who happily gobbled it up.
After we ate, we headed over to the laundrette to wash some clothes. As the clothes dried, I popped over the the Skyline to watch “Pingu’s Fun Fitness”. Pingu and a Red Coat led the audience through a series of exercises, and it was very entertaining to watch Pingu flop his wings around in his attempt to workout!
After our clothes dried, we headed back to the apartment. Housekeeping stopped by while I happened to be in the bathroom, and asked Jai if we needed anything. He let them know that we had some dirty towels that could be taken away, since housekeeping didn’t come the day before. The employee said he would come back; and later on that afternoon, the dirty towels were still there, but they had brought a big stack of new towels – so we had more clean towels than we could shake a stick at!
We wanted to head back into the town center, so that we could stop by an internet cafe and upload a few photos. Afterwards, we walked down to the shore, and I stopped in a restroom so that I could change into my swimsuit. I wanted to at least dip my toes in the water!
Here I am, splashing around in my favorite swimsuit. Recognize it? It’s by SlimPerfectI wrote a review of it a few months back!
Then we headed back to Butlins to go to the waterpark! Butlins has a massive waterpark with all kinds of giant, twisty slides. I was too chicken to go down the big slides, so I stuck to a more mild mannered one. I could see families spending a whole afternoon just at the waterpark!

Inside the waterpark

Even the trashcans at Butlins are cute!

After drying off from the waterpark, we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying all of the rides at the funfair. It was a really nice afternoon!
Walking through the skyline on our way back to the apartment, we caught a glimpse of Billy The Bear’s “Disco Download”:
Then it was time to head to my favorite place!
It was with some sadness that I enjoyed our last fabulous dinner at the Yacht Club.
First course was a steak pasty, Yorkshire pudding, mushy peas, chips, stir fry, and some delicious pizza. We were too busy eating to take any pictures of the second helping!
After dinner, we went to the Swinging Shillelagh pub in the Skyline to watch the “Soap or Soak” karaoke. Nobody wanted to sing, so the Red Coat who was the emcee entertained us by cracking jokes. He asked the crowd, “Who traveled the longest to come here? Who traveled over 3 hours?” I raised my hand and so did another table. “4 hours? 5 hours? Over SIX hours?!” I was the only one with my hand still raised at this point! “Over six hours? Why didn’t you just go to Skeg?” he joked. 
Afterwards, we headed over to the Centre Stage to watch that night’s headliner, a musical review called “The Dictionary of Soul”.  Then it was back to the apartment to pack and get some sleep!

Butlins Trip, Day Three: The Bognor Regis Seafront

Today is part three in my series reviewing Butlins resorts!

On Wednesday, we started our day off right with another delicious meal at The Yacht Club. Here I am getting ready to head to breakfast:
Not the greatest picture of me, but you can see how nice the living room is.
Breakfast was spectacular as ever. These chocolate Croissants were so flaky and delicious! We also had bowls of fresh fruit.
We also had a wonderful fry-up after this. Yum!!!
After breakfast, we headed over to the Skyline, where a photoshoot was taking place with Pingu himself. I’m quite a Pingu fan, so naturally I couldn’t leave without getting a picture!
After hobnobbing with Pingu, we headed to the seafront. Butlins is situated directly in front of the ocean, and you can follow the promenade into the Bognor Regis town center. Neither of us had been to Bognor before, so we were looking forward to seeing the town.

 Jai and I on the beach

The sun was shining, and it was the perfect day to be at the beach.
 Jai and I walked down to the Bognor pier, and then headed into town.

Here we are standing on the pier.
We looked around a few shops, and I bought a Bognor Regis teatowel. We also stumbled accross the free Bognor Regis musem, which was fun to look around.
One of the displays from the Bognor museum
Then we made our way back to Butlins, and it was time for rides, rides, rides!


We also happened to see the Skyline gang walking around the resort and entertaining onlookers:
Then it was time for “Pingu’s Chill Zone”! 
After Pingu’s show,  we stopped by guest services to ask for clean towels because housekeeping hadn’t come through our room that day. This time there was no problem getting the supplies. 
Then it was time for another wonderful dinner! The buffet is so huge that we literally did not eat lunch once during our stay. The challenge was to work up enough of an appetite for dinner after the huge breakfast!
My first course included chips and gravy, mushy peas, sausage & rice. Jai’s dinner included sausage, some sort of macaroni and cheese, and a wonderful fish in cream sauce. Of course, we had seconds as well as dessert. I should have taken a picture of the huge dessert selection – it was lovely.
After dinner, we decided to check out “Amethyst”, a magic show that was taking place on the Centre Stage. 
The Centre Stage is a huge venue, drenched in disco lights. There was a dance floor and a Red Coat playing DJ, which made it feel like a club – except the people on the dancefloor were all five year olds! It was a fun atmosphere. The Red Coats led the children in dances, and then the kids would chase them in circles around the stage. At one point, they all  jumped on top of a Red Coat in a dogpile!
There were more shows coming up after Amethyst finished, but the jet lag was kicking in so we decided to retire for the evening.  We had a lovely day enjoying the seafront and the various shows!