Holiday Gift Guide Winners: Skin Care Gift Bag & Musereo

Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Lavender Cinnamon/Peppermint Skin Care Package

We have lots of winners to announce today! And the winner of the Tropical Traditions Skin Care Gift Bag is…

Comment number 132, Gina P, who said: “I subscribe to the Topical Traditions newsletter”.

Skin Care Gift Bags are available on Tropical Traditions’ website for $17.25.


And the winners of the Musereo Software giveaway are…

Winner #1 is comment number 15, jessica, who said: “would love to try this myself!”

Winner #2 is comment number 21, Heidi K., who said: “I would give this to my husband.”

Winner #3 is comment number 9, Julie B, who said: “would love to win this for my husband, the audiophile”

Winner #4 is comment number 29, Kate, who said: “I’d like to win this for my sister”

Winner #5 is comment number 31, Veronica Garrett, who said: “I would like to win this for my daughter.” This is her third Contest Corner win – she was also a winner in the Chamber Music Society giveaway and the Conserve Cleaners giveaway!

Winner #6 is comment number 13, barbara wright, who said: “I follow you with google friends connect – barbara wright”

Winner #7 is comment number 2, vhick, who said: “My twitter post about this post:

Winner #8 is comment number 14, Jay, who said: “I would like to give this to hubby to play with and try to figure out.” Jay also won the Issac Delgado giveaway in September!

Winner #9 is comment number 28, Bianca, who said: “I would like to win this for my friend.”

Winner #10 is comment number 6, Karen, who said: “I’d love to win this for my husband–he is the music nerd around here.”

Musereo Software is available on for $29.95.

Congratulations to all the winners!

LifeShield Home Security Update


Last month, I posted my first review of LifeShield Security, who provided me with a complimentary home security system and monitoring so that I could test it out for myself. In my last post, we had just installed the system and were looking forward to learning more about it and seeing how the monitoring worked. I wanted to post a few updates as we used the system, so you could get a realistic idea about what it’s like having LifeShield installed.

It’s been over a month since we started using LifeShield, and we’re very happy with it so far. It’s integrated quite seamlessly with our routine and provides so many benefits, not to mention added peace of mind. My biggest concern with using a home security system was that it might be a hassle to use, and I was also afraid of setting it off on accident. However, neither of these things have turned out to be issues. Using the alarm is simple and integrates easily with my routine – I simply arm the alarm at the same time that I lock the door before leaving the house or going to bed. When you enter the home after going out, the alarm chimes for 30 seconds while you enter your code to deactivate it; if the code is not entered, the alarm will go off. I thought this would be a stressful thing to come home to, but it’s very easy – just unlock the door and punch in your code, and you’re done.

The alarm has been set off twice by accident: Both times when Jai needed to open the back door early in the morning and forgot about the alarm. Since there’s no console by the back door, it’s easier to forget, although I think we’ll remember it by habit after we use the system for a longer period of time. And, although the alarm went off in the house, we were able to cancel it easily – you have 30 seconds to cancel the alarm when it is set off.

As I learn more about this system, the more I am impressed with the levels of security and functionality that it provides. For example, the kit includes a siren detector that sits next to your smoke alarm, and will send an alert to the monitoring system when the fire alarm goes off and meets certain audio requirements. So if a fire was to occur when no one was home, LifeShield would automatically alert the monitoring center that the fire alarm was set off so that they could dispatch help.

You can also set up your monitoring service to notify designated friends or family members in the event of an alarm via text message or email. I think this is a great way to set up a safety network so that you can summon help from both the authorities and neighbors during a potential crisis. For example, a senior citizen living on their own might set up their system to notify their children when the panic alarm is set off. Since the Home Kit also comes with a keychain remote, it would be a great thing for seniors to keep with them in case of a fall or other medical emergency.

In addition, features like the cordless phone and little bonuses like weather alerts on the keypad console make this system useful in many different ways. I think the LifeShield Home Security Kit has been a real asset to our household so far!

Special Discount:

LifeShield Discount

LifeShield would also like to offer a special discount for Contest Corner readers. You can receive $50.00 off the HomeKit and one month of free monitoring by visiting and entering promo code “momdeal50” at checkout.

Welcome, Love Story Readers!

Planning a Frugal Wedding

I want to extend a warm welcome to those of you who are visiting from The Love Story today! Here you will find a list of all the resources and products shown in my videos. Got a question or have a frugal wedding tip to share? Click here to email me!

Planning a Frugal Wedding: Part One

Click here to watch Planning a Frugal Wedding: Part One

Frugal Wedding Tip #1: Look For Freebies:

I share wedding-related freebies whenever I find them on my other blog, Super Coupon Girl, in my “Planning a Frugal Wedding” column.

Frugal Wedding Tip #2: Enter Contests

As you can tell, entering contests is my passion! I list giveaways right here on this website – check out my Contest Listings and Sweepstakes Saturday for a continually updated list of new contests. I also host my own contests: click here to see a full list of all my current giveaways! Additionally, I am putting together a series of how-to articles explaining how to enter contests and maximize your odds of winning – so be sure to check back for those as well.

Wedding prizes featured in the video:

Bouquet jewels from NorthWest Bridal – you can find NorthWest Bridal’s Etsy shop by clicking here. I won this prize on the Wedding Warrior blog, run by the lovely Keonte’, who also blogs over at Mommy2K.

Thank You Cards from Kiss & Tell Cards – you can find Kiss & Tell Cards’ Etsy shop by clicking here. I won this prize on the Indie Wedding Guide blog.

Planning a Frugal Wedding: Part Two

Click here to watch Planning a Frugal Wedding: Part Two

Frugal Wedding Tip #3: Review Products

I mentioned some resources for aspiring reviewers in my article “How to Throw a Sponsored Party”.

Wedding items I have reviewed:

Name Maker Woven Labelsclick here to visit Name Maker’s website. Click here to read my review.

24 x 36″ Vinyl Wedding Banner from Uprintingclick here to visit Uprinting’s website. I hosted a giveaway for a custom banner last year and also received a code to make one of my own!

“Welcome To Our Wedding” stencil from The Simple Stencil – click here to visit The Simple Stencil’s website. Click here to read my review.

Frugal Wedding Tip #4: Shop Garage Sales

Don’t dismiss rummage sales and local thrift stores – you never know what treasures you might find. And there’s always Craigslist, too!

The Love Story: Planning a Frugal Wedding, Part Two

Planning a Frugal Wedding

Our latest “Love Story” video is up – this week’s installment is the second half of my “Planning a Frugal Wedding” video series! In this episode, I discuss how I use product reviews and rummage sale finds to further cut expenses on wedding supplies. Click here to watch the video!

Also, The Love Story is mentioned in the December issue of InStyle magazine, which hit newsstands on November 19th – so check it out! From what I understand, it’s about 20 pages in. Our local retailers haven’t re-stocked their magazines yet, so I am dying to see it!

Giveaways at The Party Plan Coach

Contest Listings

The Party Plan Coach has several fun giveaways going on:

Willow House Candle Set – ends November 30th
BeautiControl Spa Pedicure Set – ends November 30th
ABC Spa Escape 4 U BeautiControl Detox Kit – ends December 7th
Flori Roberts – Bell en Rouge Gift Collection – ends December 7th
Undercover Wear Pajamas – ends December 13th
Sterling Silver Silpada Bracelet – ends December 14th
$10 Alma & Co Gift Certificate – ends December 13th
Just Jewelry Random Thoughts Necklace – ends December 14th

Dial Diaries: Week 1

I'm a Dial NutriSkin Member!

I was recently selected by Dial to join their “Healthier You” program, a group of 100 bloggers across the country who are testing out complimentary Dial NutriSkin Body Wash, receiving exclusive tips and advice from wellness coach Amy Hendel, and entering for a chance to win a fabulous spa getaway! I will be chronicling this journey through blog posts each week updating you on how my healthy habits are working out.

This week’s theme is “Skin Care”, and it was perfect timing – we’re having our engagement photos taken next week, so I’m being extra conscientious with my skin care routine. Although I am fortunate to have normally-clear skin, I think having a good skin care routine is critical. Unfortunately, it’s too tempting to skip some parts of my skin care regime when I’m pressed for time, so this week I have faithfully stuck to it and washed, exfoliated and moisturized my face with a variety of products and treatments, and my skin thanks me!

Amy Hendel also talked about nutrition this week. I consider my diet to be an evolving work in progress, because I always want to improve it where I can. I’ve made great progress in recent months with hitting weight loss goals, so my efforts have really been paying off. I still struggle with making the time to eat right in my hectic schedule – taking time out to take care of myself is one of my biggest challenges, but it’s a goal I continue to work towards!

Help Sears Appliances Donate $5,000 to The Chicago Food Depository

For people across the US, this holiday weekend means enjoying delicious Thanksgiving leftovers and spending time with family. It’s also a time when many will be reflecting on what they have and reaching out to those who are not as fortunate. I recently wrote an article on Super Coupon Girl called “Giving Back on a Budget”, where I talked about simple ways that you can help others even if you have no money to spare. Here’s another easy way to give back: Now through December 3rd, Sears Appliances and LG Appliances have teamed up to help give $1 to the Greater Chicago Food Depository for every view of their Thanksgiving Cooking Tips & Tricks video, up to $5,000. The video is embedded above – just click on the play button and watch the video, and $1 will be donated to provide meals to the hungry. It’s that easy!