Holiday Gift Guide: Final Round of Winners!

Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Today marks the close of our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve featured a slew of great products and hosted new giveaways each week to give our readers the chance to win gifts for everyone on their list – it’s been very fun and exciting! And now, we have one last round of winners to announce:

Guylian Artisanal Belgian Original Chocolate Truffles

The winner of the Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates giveaway is…

Comment number 235, Trudy Z., who said: “Follow Guylian on Twitter @madeonlyinusa”

A 22-count box of Guylian Artisanal Belgian Original Chocolate Truffles retails for $14 – click here to locate a retailer near you.

Gifts For Kids

Scented Shoelaces by Apparel Dynasty

The winner of the Scented Shoelaces giveaway is…

Comment number 98, Farrah Shumway, who said: “GFC Follower”.

Scented Shoelaces retail for $5.00 each and are available on

Gifts For Kids

Letters From Santa

And the winner of the Letter From Santa giveaway is…

Comment number 70, Leah Baird, who said: “tweet!/lnb1191/status/141722975413075969

Letters From… offers customized letters from Santa, Frosty, and Rudolph for $6.99.

Gifts For Kids

Pak Nak

And the winners of the PakNaks giveaway are..

Winner #1 is comment number 67, Sara, who said: “I like Isaac the Turtle! I think my little guy would too!” This is Sara’s second Contest Corner win – she was also a winner in the Milky Way giveaway last month!

Winner #2 is comment number 76, Kimberly, who said: “tweet! thank you!!/Aerated/status/141597898080133121“. This is her third Contest Corner win – she was also a winner in the Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil giveaway and also the (seed)+ Body Care giveaway in our first-ever Gift Guide back in 2009!

Winner #3 is comment number 52, Diana Bradford hatch, who said: “I follow on GFC”. This is Diana’s second Contest Corner win – she was also a winner in the Journal 10 giveaway earlier in the Gift Guide – another Contest Corner reader who is well on her way to winning gifts for the whole family!

PakNaks are available for $3.99 each on

And there you have it – a fitting conclusion to our third-annual Holiday Gift Guide! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our recommendations, tips, and entering our Gift Guide giveaways!

Howie D – Back To Me CD Winners

Back to Me

And the winners of the Howie D – Back To Me CD giveaway are…

Winner #1 is comment number 52, Angela Winesburg, who said: “Subscriber, thanks!”

Winner #2 is comment number 14, clarissa, who said: “!/cneiding/status/137030038326480896 tweet”. This is Clarissa’s third Contest Corner win – she was also a winner in the Ben 10 giveaway and the Moisturizing Peppermint Lotion giveaway. You are on a roll this month! :)

Congratulations to the winners! Howie D’s new video for “Lie To Me” premiered today on – click here to watch it now. And if you haven’t already, click here to read our exclusive interview with Howie D!

Xbox 360 Giveaway at Tales From The Nursery

Contest Listings

Site Name: Tales From The Nursery

Site URL:

Prize Description: Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle ( Xbox 360 console, Kinect, and Kinect Adventures game)
Kinectimals with Bears (game)
Dance Central 2 (game)

Entry deadline: December 06, 2011

Open to: Open to U.S and Canada

Enter this giveaway here:

Menorah Giveaway at World Of Judaica

Contest Listings

Site Name: World Of Judaica

Site URL:

Prize Description: is raffling an exquisite stained glass menorah just 8 days before Hanukkah! Simply log on to their giveaway page to like World of Judaica on Facebook and sign up to their newsletter to win!
Only one winner! Raffle to be held on Dec 12!

Entry deadline: December 10, 2011

Open to: Open Worldwide

Enter this giveaway here:

Holiday Gift Guide: Heavenly Creatures Review

Holiday Gift Guide 2011

As you may have noticed from some of the small businesses I have featured in this year’s Gift Guide, there are a lot of creative people in my family! Today, I’d like to introduce you to another fab shop run by a talented family member that my UK readers in particular will want to take note of. Folksy is the UK equivalent of Etsy, bringing shoppers the best in modern British crafts. And today I would like to introduce you to my very favorite Folksy shop, Heavenly Creatures!

Heavenly Creatures is a darling shop specializing in “Little treasures made from bits and bobs”. Check out the array of delightful Christmas gifts and decorations that Heavenly Creatures offers:

Fridge Snowman

Fridge Snowman – £3.00

This ingenious set of magnets transforms your boring old fridge into Frosty The Snowman!

Fridge Snowman

Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas Tree Decoration – £2.50

I watched these hand-sewn ornaments being made, and they are darling!

Handmade Fairies

Handmade Fairies – £4.50

These handcrafted fairies would make a darling addition to any Christmas tree!


Handmade Mermaid

Handmade Mermaid - £4.50

Or if mermaids are more your style, then you’ll love this!

Christmas Tree Cat Decoration

Christmas Tree Cat Decoration – £2.50

If you have a cat lover on your list, these charming ornaments would be a great stocking stuffer!

Christmas Cat

Christmas Cat Bag – £3.00

This miniature bag is ideal for hanging small gifts on your tree!

UK readers, be sure to click here and visit Heavenly Creatures for all your holiday shopping needs!

Aqua Clean Concentrate Review

Aqua Clean Concentrate

I’ve reviewed several items from Stanley Home Products recently, and so far I’ve been happy with all of products I’ve tried. I recently received a complimentary bottle of their Aqua Clean Concentrate to review, and I was curious to see how this laundry helper would stack up for my needs. Aqua Clean Concentrate is specifically designed for delicate laundry items such as hand washables. According to the product description, Aqua Clean Concentrate “Eliminates costly dry cleaning of fine washables”. I was intrigued by this, because I have a ridiculous amount of clothing items that require hand washing. This is the downside to being a fashionista!

For my first test, I added the Aqua Clean Concentrate to a normal load of laundry just to see what it was like. This was a load of household items – reusable cloth bags, cloth napkins, potholders, etc. The Aqua Clean worked great as a detergent so I had no complaints there! For my second test, I decided to use this laundry cleaner with an extremely tricky-to-wash item – my winter coat. This is a great coat that I picked up very inexpensively at Ross right before I left for England in January, and it’s very chic in addition to being warm. It was in need of a good wash, but I was unsure how to go about this. The tag states “Dry Clean Only”, but I must confess, I have never taken anything to the dry cleaners; I always just wash my items carefully by hand. I thought about washing this coat by hand in the bathtub, but that would have been quite awkward due to the heavy nature of the coat. So I decided to go out on a limb and stick the coat in the washing machine!

I added Aqua Clean Concentrate to the washing machine, put it on the gentle cycle, let it fill up with cold water, and then added my coat. Once it was done washing, I put it in the dryer on the lowest heat setting – this is November in Oregon, so if I hung it up to dry, it would be damp until January! ;) Here is the finished product:

My Coat

Good as new! The coat turned out great and I am so pleased. I was a little nervous that it might get mangled since I completely ignored all of the cleaning directions. But I had no problem! Now, I’m not at all advocating that you now should throw all your “Dry Clean Only” items in the washing machine – it’s always a risk, and depending on the item, it could end up ruined; and I think this coat would have turned out the same regardless of what detergent I used. But I think this is a good example of how Aqua Clean Concentrate is gentle on delicate items. I’m pleased with this cleaner and will certainly use it again on my 5,000 other delicate hand washables! :D

A 32 oz bottle of Aqua Clean Concentrate is available on for $8.99.