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My name is Beeb Ashcroft, and I'm a longtime journalist, "Sweeper", and British expat living on the Oregon coast with my fiancé, Jai. Join me as I share my adventures winning big, interviewing celebrities, entertaining my wonderful family and friends, and living a fashionably frugal lifestyle.

Meeting a Dress Code – Creatively

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Years ago, I wrote a post called “Wigging Out” about my collection of wigs. I bought them over a decade ago (!) when I was working part-time in retail management to save up money that I put towards launching this business. The store that I worked at had a pretty standard dress code policy that mandated no tattoos or unnatural hair colors. I’ve always enjoyed having the freedom to dye my hair in a variety of colors, so I brainstormed how I could do both things at the same time. I am nothing if not creative, and I came up with the idea of buying natural color wigs to wear to work so that I could dye my real hair whatever color I wanted. So I would come to work looking like this:

Beeb's black wig

And I would go home looking like this:

Beeb's red hair

My workplace was fine with this – they actually thought it was quite funny, as did I! I ended up branching out and buying wigs in black, blonde, and brown, accessorizing them to my outfits. Sometimes, if I was heading to the gym after work, I would change clothes and remove the wig before leaving, almost like Clark Kent changing into Superman.

So whenever people complain to me that their job hinders their ability to have fun hair, I always suggest my creative solution! Wigs can be a lot more affordable than you’d think – I bought mine online for a good price back in 2007, and nowadays, you have even more sites to choose from, such as Divatress. This company wants every customer to feel like a diva, offering a wide variety of crochet braids hair, wigs, clip-in weaves and more. So don’t let your dress code get you down – you can be professional and a diva at the same time!

The EatSmart Precision Baby & Pet Check Scale: Keep Everybunny in The Family Healthy!

Weighing my bunnies
This is a sponsored post.

If you’re a longtime Contest Corner reader, then you know how much I love EatSmart scales. I reviewed one of their food scales almost 6 years ago and still use it on a daily basis to weigh food and check the weight on letters. Jai and I have also been using their bathroom scales for years to keep track of our weight as we achieve various fitness goals. And now that our family has expanded to include four rescued rabbits, I’ve added the EatSmart Precision Baby and Pet Check Scale to our arsenal of tools to keep everybunny in the household healthy!

I’ve gotten a crash course on rabbit care in the last few months since these little buns arrived on my doorstepliterally! – and they require much different care than a dog or a cat. Many people don’t realize that keeping track of a bunny’s weight is actually quite important to their health, for three key reasons:

1. Feeding

A recommended diet for rabbits consists of hay, pellets, and vegetables. The amount of pellets and veggies that you feed is based off of the rabbit’s body weight, so it’s important to know how much your bunny weighs in order to work out how many food servings they should receive.

Honey Buns

Honey Buns weighs in at a whopping 9 pounds, one ounce – or as everyone at the veterinarian says, “That’s a BIG bunny!”

Buster Bunny

Meanwhile, Buster is a bit smaller, clocking in at 7 pounds, 8 1/2 ounces. Rabbit feeding guidelines are generally worked out per 6 lbs of weight, so weighing your rabbits is important for determining appropriate serving sizes.

Having a scale makes it easy to monitor your rabbit’s weight over time and make sure you’re on track with their diet. Bunnies have a way of really turning on the charm to get extra treats, but it’s important to keep them on a consistent diet – as tempting as it is to spoil them with treats, too much food can cause obesity in rabbits, not to mention health issues such as GI stasis. Which brings me to our next point:

2. Monitoring Illness

Earlier this month, my precious Bunsen Burner came down with a scary case of GI stasis, which is a digestive issue that commonly afflicts rabbits. Stasis can be fatal quickly, so we rushed Bunsen to the veterinarian for medicine. As part of their exam, they weighed him in the office and logged his weight as 8 pounds, 9 ounces. Thankfully, Bunsen made a full recovery, so now we are using our EatSmart Precision Baby and Pet Check Scale to monitor his progress.

Bunsen Burner

This scale looks very much like the one at the vet’s office, which makes it so easy to use. We weighed Bunsen in at 8 pounds, 6 1/2 ounces – I’m not surprised to see a small weight loss due to his being unable to eat much during the illness, and I’m glad to have this scale on hand so I can continue to monitor his recovery. Weight gain or loss in a rabbit can tell you a lot about their health – they are secretive by nature and hide sickness as a defense mechanism, which makes it so important to pay attention to cues such as weight. Noticing small changes can make a huge difference in catching an illness right away and fixing it before it’s too late.

3. Pregnancy

Buster and Babs Bunny were already a bonded pair when they showed up at our door, and they were outside mating for some time before we were able to rescue them. We all know what that leads to, so it was no surprise when we observed Babs making a nest!

Babs Bunny

She weighed in at 8 pounds, 5 ounces – heavier than Buster, even though they’re the same size otherwise. Naturally, a doe will gain weight while pregnant, so using a scale is another way to monitor a rabbit’s pregnancy. Rabbit.org even suggests that you weigh baby bunnies if you’re concerned that they aren’t nursing properly, so who knows, in a few weeks I may have a whole new reason to use this scale… :lol:

So there you have it – from figuring out a proper diet to monitoring your rabbit’s well-being, the EatSmart Precision Baby and Pet Check Scale is worth its weight in 24 carrot gold!

Hay There, Honey Buns!

Honey Buns uses her Kaytee Rollin' The Hay Rabbit Feeder
Sample provided.

As you read in my last post, I’ve been adjusting to life with four (!!) rescue rabbits. Honey Buns was the first rabbit to arrive, literally inviting herself into my house in November. As I got a crash course on Rabbit 101, I picked up different supplies that I thought would be useful, including a Kaytee Rollin’ The Hay Feeder, which is a little wheel the dispenses hay. I thought this would be a great way to contain some of the never-ending hay mess and give Honey Buns a fun activity. However, Honey Buns ended up experiencing a phantom pregnancy before her hutch was finished, and the dog crate we had her in temporarily wasn’t large enough for both a nest box and the Hay Feeder, so I had to move it to Bunsen’s cage. Now that everybunny is settled into their new custom-built hutches, I had space to get two of everything – well, make that four of everything – and a second Hay Feeder was on my list. So imagine my delight when Chewy.com offered to send me a second one for Honey Buns!

Kaytee Rollin' The Hay Feeder

The Kaytee Rollin’ The Hay Feeder is available on Chewy.com for just over $6, which is less than the first one cost me at a local store. I love the name, because if you’re a rabbit owner, you probably aren’t rolling in the dough, but you ARE rolling in the hay. :lol: The feeders ship in random colors, and I got a pretty purple which was perfect for Ms. Buns’ cage.

Kaytee Hay Feeder

The feeder is super simple to use: Just open the door on the wheel, fill it with hay, and hang it in the cage. I make sure there’s a few good pieces sticking out to give them a good starting point for pulling it out. Honey Buns just loves hers and is glad to have it back again! It’s fun for her to play with it and get the tasty hay reward. Since her hutch is two levels, I put loose piles of hay in the bottom/potty level and then use the Hay Feeder to store additional hay on the top level that she can enjoy when she’s relaxing up there. This helps cut back on the inevitable hay mess that gets kicked out of the hutch and onto the floor!

Honey Buns uses her hay feeder

I like that it does double duty as a toy as well as just storing the hay. Obviously, it doesn’t hold as much as a larger hay rack, so you’ll need to refill it pretty often; and just like every other pet toy, it totally depends on the animal’s personality. Honey Buns is very active and can’t get enough of her hay ball, whereas Bunsen is a lot lazier and isn’t quite as interested in playing with it, although he still uses it.

Bunsen and his hay feeder

Bunsen and the hay feeder he stole from Honey Buns! :lol:

Whether you have one bunny, four or more, Chewy.com is woman’s best friend! They have tons of great items for rabbits at great prices, and the shipping is super fast. Bonus: Bunsen and Honey Buns get excited when Chewy.com shipments arrive because they love to play with the boxes!

Beeb’s Bunny Rescue

Well, there’s never a dull moment around here! You may recall that back in November, I rescued two abandoned domestic rabbits that literally invited themselves into my house – click here to read the post if you missed it the first time. I’ve never owned a rabbit before, so it’s been a total scramble getting everything ready for them – I had no cages, no feeding supplies, or any knowledge of how to care for them. Usually, one is prepared before getting a pet, but this was an emergency for these homeless rabbits so we just made do. ;) Just when I was starting to get everything set up for Honey Buns, Bunsen Burner showed up and I had to start all over. I literally had a food bowl in my purse that I had bought for Honey Buns when I walked up to my front door and Bunsen was sitting there waiting for me…so it became his water dish instead!

Jai has been hard at working building custom rabbit hutches for both rabbits using recovered and scrap lumber. Our house was built in 1929, and one of the windows in the living room was actually sinking because of rot in the frame, which happens in older buildings. So to repair it, Jai built a bay window, and two custom, large rabbit hutches created to fit right inside the bay window. When the window is finished, Jai is going to build a little cat door into it that will lead to an enclosed, outdoor bunny run; this will give them the option to get some fresh air when the weather is nice while still living indoors.

Custom rabbit hutches

The finished rabbit hutches

Front of the hutches

The unfinished bay window in the background is where the hutches will eventually be placed.

Because Bunsen and Honey Buns are not yet fixed or bonded to each other, they have to be separated for the time being, so we take turns letting them inside the house to play. From what I have read, rabbits are extremely picky about who they like, to the point where it’s recommended to go to “Speed Dating” events (!) before adopting a second bunny to let them choose their partner and make sure they’ll get along. Well, these two were randomly thrown together so I have to be prepared for the possibility that they might not bond with each other – so their hutches have the option to either remain separate, or be connected if they end up bonding. They seem to be friendly as neighbors, so fingers crossed for a love connection!

Once the hutches were finished, we were finally starting to get everything set up nicely for the little buns and get into a routine. So I’m sure you can guess what happened next…

Buster & Babs

Meet Buster and Babs Bunny! Oh yes, that’s right. Two more bunnies showed up! We had seen this pair running around outside, but they were more skittish than Bunsen and Honey Buns and would run away from us. That is, until, they realized what a good thing they were missing out on and decided to move into the workshop! Jai just finished re-covering our deck back in October to convert it into an enclosed workshop. There are still some things to finish up on it, such as building a door, which got put on hold in order to work on the emergency bunny hutches. Buster and Babs took advantage of the open-door policy and decided to move in to the workshop and hide under the leftover lumber from the rabbit hutches! :lol: So, Jai boarded up the door for now and these rabbits have free run over the workshop while Jai builds two more hutches for them! As you might have guessed from the names, I grew up watching Tiny Toons, and I relate so much to Elmyra – from the “I’m gonna loooove them, and squeeeze them…” right down to this moment:


Keeping four random rabbits together may not be possible; I have no idea if it will even be possible for them all to live together after they get fixed. And if they can’t live together, I’m unsure if I’d have adequate space to house them all separately. But what I do know is that they all need my help! If I can’t keep Buster and Babs longterm, I will either foster them out through our local rabbit shelter if they are able to assist, or find a loving home myself. I feel like I’m running an extremely amateur rabbit shelter! :lol:

And as if that wasn’t enough excitement, Bunsen got very sick on Monday and had to be rushed to the vet. Jai and I have been caring for him around the clock all week to try and help him survive a bout of GI stasis, which is a serious digestive issue that rabbits are prone to that can quickly be fatal without intervention. Fortunately, he has now recovered 100%! Man, what a week!!!

To add to that, Jai and I leave for England in less than two weeks to visit family, celebrate our wedding and go on a Euro honeymoon. Between the rabbits, my workload, and preparing to travel for a full month, things are just insane here right now! We’re going to have a house sitter care for the bunnies while we’re away, and then when we get back, I can start the process of figuring out where to take them to be spay/neutered and, eventually, attempt bonding them to each other. So if anyone in the Portland area has any suggestions for me, I am all (bunny) ears! :D