Photography Accesories Review: Tmart Memory Cards

32 GB Micro SD Memory Card with SD Card Adapter

Complimentary product provided for review.

Something that I find fascinating as a journalist is to see how my career has evolved and changed with technology. When I first started, I was writing articles for a newspaper on a typewriter; now, I own the “Newspaper”, AKA these blogs. Owning the outlet makes me the journalist, editor, photographer, marketing team, accounting, secretary, and everything else rolled into one. Indeed, sometimes I spend almost as much time taking photos for a post as I do writing it!

This means having a lot more gear than just a typewriter. I upgraded to a DSLR camera last year and Jai got me a 15 GB memory card to go along with it. One problem I have encountered is that I often pop the memory card out to pull my photos onto my computer and neglect to put it back in the camera, leaving me scrambling to get a memory card for those quick photo ops that arise. Of course, I could just plug the camera into my computer and download the photos that way, but desk space is always at a premium so there is not a lot of room for that. So I decided that I needed to get a second high-capacity memory card, so that I could just swap them out whenever I wanted to download my pics.

Tmart Memory Card

So when I had my pick of products from to review, the first thing I looked up was Tmart memory cards. I found this 32 GB Micro SD Memory Card with SD Card Adapter, and knew right away that this would be perfect. Both Jai and I were impressed with the competitive price of $20.28, and were curious to see how it would hold up in quality.

My card arrived in mid-December, and I put it to use right away capturing Christmas photos and videos. It’s been working great for my needs! It has a large storage capacity and can keep up with the countless photos I take on my DSLR. Having a second card has been so useful for avoiding that “Oops, there’s no card in my camera” problem that has bugged me so many times. I am most happy!

32GB Memory Card

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Wordless Wednesday: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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Rainbow peeking through tree branches

End of the rainbow

Contrast in the sky

We have gotten some typically crazy Oregon coast weather since last weekend. We had heavy rainstorms, sunshine and hail happening intermittently, and with the weather switching back and forth as quickly as it was, it didn’t surprise me at all to see this bright rainbow in my backyard on Saturday. So, I guess there is a pot of gold in the wetlands? ;)

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Spring is Coming

First sign of spring

It’s February on the Oregon coast, which means rain, rain, and more rain. But the weather is starting to improve and I can see our first sign that spring is going to be here soon – in the middle of all these barren branches in my back yard, I spotted this lone flower and several buds ready to pop open. Only a month and a half of winter to go!