Video: Teens & Preventative Health Care

Millions of US Teens May Be Missing Out on Annual Checkups and the Opportunity to be Screened for Potential Health Risks

When we think of teenage milestones, we tend to think of events like prom, getting your first driver’s license, or graduation. But there are other milestones that may be more mundane, but a lot more important. Take, for example, your annual doctor’s checkup. We all know how important preventative health care is, and I think it can be especially relevant for young people still going through puberty so that they can be monitored for healthy development, get important information about what to expect as they grow up (Hello, deodorant!) and have the opportunity to be counseled on and ask questions regarding important issues like depression or eating disorders that they may be struggling with or witnessing at school.

However, a new survey from the US Census indicates that one third of teenagers who they spoke to may not be receiving annual checkups or missing out on important information while at their appointments. For example, many teens responding indicated that they didn’t feel comfortable discussing specific topics with their doctor because their parents were present. I remember when I was a teenager, I would have appointments where the doctor would usher my mom out of the room and ask those embarrassing questions like, “Do you smoke?”. While this may be awkward for the teens and feel unnecessary, I’m really glad my doctor had that policy, as I know many teens may be struggling with issues that they feel uncomfortable discussing with a parent, for whatever reason. Good health care is another tool which we have to make sure today’s youth are educated and can make informed choices for themselves to avoid health issues and treat problems that they may already be dealing with.

Flicker – “Everywhere Face” Music Video

This week, progressive rock band Flicker have publicly debuted the music video for “Everywhere Face” off their first album, How Much Are You Willing To Forget? You may remember Flicker from our recent CD giveaway – they’ve been getting a lot of attention from both fans of prog rock as well as newcomers to the genre, so you should check out the song if you haven’t yet heard their music. The video is a very fun and creative stop-motion effort that I personally believe a lot of you will enjoy, so check it out and let me know what you think!

Flicker’s debut album is available now on iTunes. You can keep up with the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

I Was on The News!

As you will recall, I recently attended the Safeway Just4U Portland Blogger Event, where I learned all about Safeway’s latest savings program. During the event, I went grocery shopping with a camera crew in tow, as I was being interviewed by KOIN 6 News about the program. That clip is now online, so check out the video above to watch me in action and hear my thoughts about Just4U!

Maroon 5 “Payphone” Music Video

Adam Levine in the video for "Payphone"

It’s here – the official video for “Payphone”! Check out this information from the official news release:

“Maroon 5 have just unveiled the action packed new video for their record breaking hit single, “Payphone” featuring Wiz Khalifa. The video, which was shot by award winning director Samuel Bayer (Justin Timberlake, Green Day, My Chemical Romance), premiered on E! and finds front man Adam Levine on the run after a bank heist.

‘Payphone,’ which debuted at #1 on the Digital Songs chart with 493,000 downloads, broke the Black Eyed Peas’ previous record for first week digital sales by a group. The track is up now on iTunes, and will appear on Maroon 5′s highly anticipated album, Overexposed, due out June 26th on A&M/Octone (available for pre-order).”

Note to readers: This video contains strong language and some fictitious violence (Portrayal of a bank robbery)

Maroon 5 Break Digital Sales Record, Remain Awesome

Check out this fun tidbit I got in my email this morning:

“Grammy winning Maroon 5 are currently storming Billboard with their new single, ‘Payphone,’ which debuted at #1 on the Digital Songs chart. With nearly 500,000 downloads, ‘Payphone’ broke the Black Eyed Peas’ previous record for digital sales by a group. The infectious single, featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa, also landed at #3 on the overall Hot 100, behind only Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ and fun.’s ‘We Are Young.’”

If you want to be number 500,001 you can order the single on iTunes now! ;) And if you missed it, check out the video of Maroon 5 debuting the song on “The Voice” last week.

The Cost of The 12 Days of Christmas

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to send your true love 12 drummers drumming, five gold rings, and a partridge in a pear tree? Check out this fun video above which adds up the total cost of this classic Christmas carol. You can also visit their website, the 2011 Christmas Price Index for a full interactive version. Something tells me I won’t have the budget to send Jai seven swans a-swimming this year! ;)

“Soul Bigger” – a Positive Video to Brighten Your Day

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Check out this video for “Soul Bigger (The Rosh Hashana Song)”, a fun and inspiring take on a Kanye West tune. This video was created in celebration of the Jewish New Year, which begins on the evening of September 28th; but its positive message will appeal to people of all faith traditions. In “Soul Bigger”, we see how doing one good deed can inspire those around us and create a ripple effect of “Paying it forward”.

The creators of “Soul Bigger” also offer Beginners Services for the Jewish New Year – visit their website for locations and more information:

Howie D. “100″ Music Video

Singer, songwriter, and Backstreet Boys member Howie D. just finished touring with NKOTBSB, and now he’s preparing to release his solo debut, Back To Me, in November. Contest Corner readers will have a chance to win prizes in support of this release next month, so you’ll definitely want to watch this space! In the meantime, check out this video for “100″, the first single off Back To Me, and be sure to follow Howie D. on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.

Video: Ryan Tedder & Beverly McClellan on The Voice Finale

Music is a big part of Contest Corner. We often feature music videos and exclusive artist interviews, and of course, lots of great giveaways of CDs and band merch! As a result, I get emails almost every day with information about new releases and video premieres. This morning I was sent this clip from last night’s finale of “The Voice” that I just had to share – if you follow me on Twitter, then you already know that I’m obsessed with this show! It’s no secret that I’m a huge Maroon 5 fan, and I’ve been a big fan of Christina Aguilera since her debut as well. Seeing two of my favorite artists perform together each week has been a treat!

If you’re a long time reader, you’ll already be familiar with one of the contestants on The Voice – Team Blake’s Serabee was featured on Contest Corner in 2009 with a review of her EP, “Driving Me Stupid”. Above is a video of Team Xtina’s final contestant, Beverly McClellan, who performed a duet with OneRepublic’s lead singer Ryan Tedder. I had the pleasure of seeing OneRepublic open for Maroon 5 during their October 2010 concert at the Tacoma Dome, and it’s fun to watch Ryan Tedder perform.

So tell me, readers: What did you think of the finale? I love all the contestants, but of course I’m on Team Adam so I was very happy that Javier Colon won!