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Welcome to Top Ten With…, a fun new Q&A session where you’ll get to learn all about the music scene’s hottest artists! Today’s featured musician is Mohombi, a 23-year-old singer/songwriter who blends African influences with a global pop sensibility. Born to a Swedish mother and Congolese father, Mohombi draws on his diverse cultural heritage to create a unique musical style. Get to know Mohombi through this exclusive interview!


Top Ten With Mohombi

I’m inspired by:


I realized I wanted to play music when:

- Christmas Eve, I was 5, my entire family had me get up on the table and sing a song. I sang Yesterday – Beatles! I haven’t stopped since

Four songs you might find on my iPod:

– Tinie Tempah, Pass out

Bruno Mars – The way you are

Quincy Jones ft. TI, BoB and Mohombi – Sanford and Son

Miguel – All I want is you

One word I would use to describe myself:

- Afro-Viking

The best part of being a musician is:

- The stage!

Right now, I’m most excited about:

- Shooting my next video with Akon!

Something most people don’t know about me is:

- I LOOOOOVE to sleep :)

One of my happiest moments was:

- Seeing the pride on my mothers face @ the Mobo (Music of Black Origin) Awards!

My music is:

- Colorblind

In ten years, I see myself:

– Still recruiting dance floor soldiers around the world

Check out the video for Mohombi’s first single, “Bumpy Ride”, above!

Mohombi’s debut album, Movemeant, will be released early next year – in the meantime, you can buy “Bumpy Ride” on iTunes and keep up with Mohombi on his official website.

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19 thoughts on “Top Ten With Mohombi

  1. Love the beat and melody of that single you posted. Definitely a fun song, I bet his other stuff is great as well. Thanks for introducing a great new artist!

  2. Found you through This for That…gonna have to come back and see the video when I’m on my other computer (this one is slow and old). :-)

  3. Your not alone! love to sleep too. That’s what I love to do when it is Sunday but for just an hour :) . This CD looks like a great one. I love to listen to music and this will definitely be on my list. Great video an love the song :) Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Yea! I love hearing about the background of an artist and I think the song is great…Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

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