Nutrisystem Week 23 Weigh-In #NSNation

Now that we have power again, I can share my latest Nutrisystem updates with you!

Beeb’s Weigh-In:

Beeb's Weight - Week 23

Starting Weight: 164.5 lbs
Week 23 weight: 138.6 lbs
Total Weight Lost: 25.9 lbs
Goal Weight: 110 lbs

My measurements this week were 9.9″ on the arms, 39″ on the chest, 32.5″ on the waist, 38.3″ on the hips, and 18.2″ on the thighs. That’s .6″ down on the arms, .9″ up on the chest, .5″ up on the waist, .3″ up on the hips, and .2″ up on the thighs.

Jai’s Weigh-In:

Jai's Weight - Week 23

Starting Weight: 217.5 lbs
Week 23 Weight: 177.6 lbs
Total Weight Lost: 39.9 lbs
Goal Weight: 158 lbs

Jai’s measurements this week were 12.8″ on the arms, 39.7″ on the chest, 38.2″ on the waist, 37.6″ on the hips, and 21.4″ on the thighs. That’s .3″ up on the chest, .2″ up on the waist, .1″ up on the hips, and .4″ down on the thighs, with the arms remaining the same as last week.

This was a pretty “Meh” week for both of us in the weight loss department. I held steady at last week’s weight – nothing lost, nothing gained – and Jai had a gain of 1.2 pounds. This is our busiest work season and it definitely affects how much we exercise; while I took a few walks last week, I didn’t get in as much activity as I would have liked to because of my long office hours. Since Jai and I are both getting nearer to our goal weights, our weight is at that point where a plateau can be easy without that extra push of exercise. For Jai, I’m going to make sure he schedules in some time each day to go jogging; for me, I’m coming up on a week of very intense deadlines, so my plan is just to hang on tight and get through it! It’s not every week that I have 50 articles due – thank goodness! ;) – so I can breathe a big sigh of relief once this is over and get back to a more normal schedule. Although this week wasn’t our best on Nutrisystem, it’s the best I’ve ever done diet-wise during this time of year, which is saying a lot! Even when things are crazy, we still have the stability of the Nutrisystem meals to keep things from getting out of control. I haven’t been in the 130s weight range since 2009, so it’s a big milestone to be where I am and be able to at least maintain my progress when things get hectic!

As members of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Panel, Jai and I will be receiving the Nutrisystem program free of charge in order to share our honest opinions with you. Always consult with your physician before embarking on any weight loss or exercise program.

Nutrisystem SUCCESS

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11 thoughts on “Nutrisystem Week 23 Weigh-In #NSNation

  1. You are almost halfway! The next month or so is the HARDEST time to lose weight- and you’are already way ahead of the game. GO YOU!

  2. Shut the front door! You guys are doing fabulous. What an inspiration and testimony for those that want to lose weight. I may have to look into this after the New Year!

  3. You guys are doing great! I know how hard that plateau can be though… I’ve been stuck there for a while and just can’t seem to move!

  4. This is great, especially for the holidays. I know I have been over snacking all week while I have been cooking. Good for you that you are not!

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