Shapely Secrets Review

Shapely Secrets

Always consult with your physician before embarking on any weight loss or exercise program. This is an anecdotal account of my own personal experience, provided for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any condition. Individual results will vary. Shapely Secrets sent me a complimentary copy of this program to test out.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have realized in recent months that I need to put “Taking care of myself” at the top of my priority list. With the chaos of modern day life, it’s easy to be in such a rush that you don’t take the time to eat properly or get the exercise you need. Like most people, I’m always busy, so the concept of Shapely Secrets’ 7 minute workout inherently appealed to me, although I know very well that there are no “quick fixes”. I think we all realize that, ultimately, only a balanced diet and exercise will keep us in shape; but I’ve always had a fascination with these As-Seen-On-TV “miracle” products, so I was very curious to see what it was like and if it would supplement my lifestyle changes.

Shapely Secrets is a collection of DVDs supplemented by a workbook, audio CD, measuring tape, timer, and various printed materials to help you learn the program and chart your progress. Like all weight loss products, there is hype surrounding this – the box exclaims that you could lose “Up to one size in 14 days!”, but of course these results vary. However, the program itself strikes me as being fairly balanced; creator Greer Childers seems to emphasize the importance of an all-over healthy and active lifestyle, which I think is very important.

I enjoyed the DVDs – a quick set of isometric exercises, many of these take place while you are seated, and involve squeezing and releasing various muscles groups. It doesn’t feel like much of anything while you’re doing it, but I was surprised at how sore my muscles felt the next day. I now work with a personal trainer, and she sometimes has me do sets of isometric movements, so there is something to it.

Can you be in top shape by only working out for 7 minutes a day? I personally don’t think so. Did I lose one size in two weeks? No. To be fair, I did not follow the program very strictly, either – the most telling part of this experiment to me was the fact that I managed to be too busy to even do this seven minute program. I will never “have time” to take care of myself, no matter how I streamline it; it’s my priorities that have to change, not the workout. The bottom line for me is that being active and healthy has to be part of my life, and not relegated to a few rushed minutes. However, if you’re feeling exhausted and overwhelmed – like I was when I first tried this – I personally feel that doing anything, no matter how small, can sometimes be the first step to having more energy and being more active overall.

This program may not have been a long-term solution for me, but these initial efforts were the first steps I took towards getting back on track. For some, a program such as this might be the boost they need to become more active in other areas of their life – or a supplement to efforts they are already making. The bottom line? There is no quick-fix miracle, but if all you can do is seven minutes, then start from there and keep going!

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  2. Great, honest review! THanks for that :) I have a VERY hard time finding ME time too. Life is so dang busy even a 10 minute or 7 minute workout is so hard to do! I hear ya on that. But, you gave some great advice and yes, we all need a healhier lifestyle and if we are going to do it, a tiny step each day is the best way to get started! :)

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