Why I #LuvSoFab #Cbias

This blog post is my entry into a contest.

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with the words “Social Fabric”. Social Fabric is a blogger community & forum created by Collective Bias, which works to hire bloggers to work on innovative and exciting campaigns on behalf of many different brands. These projects are unique in that they usually involve sending a blogger to a store in order to gain feedback about the entire shopping process as well as the product which is being tested. As Super Coupon Girl, I’ve been blogging about my store experiences and taking photos of my groceries since 2008 – so it’s fun to have a platform where I can share my opinions about coupons, sales, items in stock, and so forth. I’ve always had a lot to say on this topic, and now I have a way of sharing my feedback directly with the brand!

The projects I have worked on for Social Fabric have resulted in some really unique and fun experiences – I’ve gotten to host all kinds of gatherings, like my party on the beach (Which I still have a tan from – in FEBRUARY!) and Spider-Man themed Halloween party; I’ve gotten a chance to give back to the community by hosting a school supply drive and using my coupon skills to benefit children in need; not to mention, I’ve had the chance to host awesome giveaways for my readers and even win a contest myself: My desktop PC came from a giveaway that I won through a Collective Bias campaign! I’ve gotten the opportunity to try so many new products and experiences and share them with my family – even the family dog has benefited from my participation in Social Fabric.

But what makes this community “SoFab” isn’t just the campaigns – it’s the full, thriving community of bloggers that work to support and encourage each other. Social Fabric boasts a full forum that members can use to promote their work, network with each other, access a variety of blogging resources or just chat. I would highly recommend this valuable resource to any blogger – if you’re interested in learning more and applying for membership, click here to visit SocialFabric.us.

11 thoughts on “Why I #LuvSoFab #Cbias

  1. The community is my online home. I love everyone there. I haven’t worked with any other place that’s allowed me to grow like Social Fabric.

  2. Liz and Amy – agreed!

    Pam – unfortunately the logistics just aren’t going to work out for me to go. :’( Hopefully Shell and I will both make it to the next one!

  3. Best community on the web! Of course this is coming from the SoFab stalker so you already knew that. I wish you were going to SoFabCon. :(

  4. Me too Christy! I’ll miss your glitter-bombs! (I picture you running around the convention throwing clouds of sparkles on people…hahaha!)

  5. I love taking photos in the store! I did it before SF too. I take them all the time to tweet things and post on my blog. We will need many pics and heck maybe a skype chat from all the ppl having fun at SoFabCon!

  6. I used to do a lot with SF but lately I haven’t been applying for their campaigns. Maybe I need to get back into it! I enjoyed working with them :)

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