Wrapping Up Our Ninth Month on Nutrisystem

It’s been nine amazing months on Nutrisystem so far, and we’ve reached a new low – a new low weight, that is! Watch our progress in action as we show you our measurements and how they’ve shrunk in the video above.

Beeb & Jai: Nutrisystem, Day 255

Beeb’s Weigh-In:

Beeb's Weight - Week 36

Starting Weight: 164.5 lbs
Week 36 weight: 131 lbs
Total Weight Lost: 33.5 lbs
Goal Weight: 110 lbs

Beeb’s Measurements:

Beeb's Measurements - Month 9

Jai’s Weigh-In:

Jai's Weight - Week 36

Starting Weight: 217.5 lbs
Week 36 Weight: 173.6 lbs
Total Weight Lost: 43.9 lbs
Goal Weight: 158 lbs

Jai’s Measurements:

Jai's Measurements - Month 9

February is shaping up to be a great month! I’m down .8 pounds from last week and Jai is down 3.4 pounds. Re-starting our gym membership 2 weeks ago has been awesome – it’s just what I need to continue challenging my knee rehabilitation so I can get that full range of motion back. For Jai, the gym provides a reliable way of being able to work out during bad weather, since the winter months have cut into his jogging. We go every day after work, giving us 5 days of workouts with a break on the weekend. This schedule has been working out well for us, so I intend to continue it! The only time we’ve missed the gym since renewing our membership was last Friday, when unexpected delays relating to a work project kept us out of town until late – by the time we got home, the gym was closed.

Another thing I noticed upon hitting the gym again is that all of my gym clothes are now too big! As I mention in the video above, I’m really starting to notice that a lot of my clothes are getting too big. In fact, last week I tried on another old corset that a friend gave me when I was a teenager – and it fits again! It’s so exciting to be seeing all these positive changes happening. We’ve been working hard at the gym and making sure to drink our water while we work out, something that’s been sorely lacking in this cold weather. I’m also trying really hard to keep my schedule manageable so that I don’t keep odd work hours and have my eating habits thrown off, since that really messes with me. I’ve been taking notes on my eating habits and notice that I often am too busy or forget to eat my PowerFuels during the morning, and this has been catching up with me at night a lot. I did have a few off-program moments this week when I ate an extra dessert…or two…and added margarine and salt to my popcorn. When I noticed this trend, I made an effort to buy PowerFuels that would be easy and appetizing for me to grab during the morning rush so that I’ll keep my blood sugar even and curb the nighttime noms. I had never expected to learn so much about myself during Nutrisystem, and both Jai and I have been blown away by how much insight we’ve gained. Getting this opportunity to re-work all our habits over a long period of time gives us the tools to make real and consistent change for life – honestly, I think this ability to revamp your relationship to food and caring for your body is what sets Nutrisystem apart from so many other diet plans. We didn’t expect to get so much out of the program – it’s been a remarkable positive force in both our lives!

How are your goals for the year going, readers?

As members of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Panel, Jai and I will be receiving the Nutrisystem program free of charge in order to share our honest opinions with you. Always consult with your physician before embarking on any weight loss or exercise program.

Nutrisystem SUCCESS

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12 thoughts on “Wrapping Up Our Ninth Month on Nutrisystem

  1. I have made a goal to ride the exercise bike 30 minutes a day. I have been doing pretty well with it. I take my son’s netbook and answer email while I am riding. :)

  2. You two have been such an inspiration to me! I lost 16 pounds and am hoping to be as awesome as you in losing the weight!

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